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Incredible last two melbourne / australian anberlin shows. In a ‘read more’ because of all my feels in this unnecessarily long post[[MORE]] Still processing these last two days - so many incredible things have happened.  Still can’t believe I got to see their soundcheck at the forum, watch them play a couple of acoustic songs before the gig (including down!!! ahhhh) and meet them afterwards. I remember after pretty much everyone had met Nate except for me, he spotted me standing there as I was just about to go over to him and he walked towards me, introduced himself, shook my hand and took a photo with me. Such nice dudes. It made me so happy to see how stoked they were with the crowd throughout the show, and even though I got super emotional at the end I managed to hold it together (thank god). Joey even came down from the stage at the very end and hugged every single one of us at the barrier. The second and final show was at 170 russell, which coincidentally was the same venue where I saw them for the very first time in 2009. We managed to get to the barrier again, and as much as I would have loved to hear Cities in full, hearing NTFP live was just as good. I got to hear so many of my favourite songs (even those not on NTFP), many of which weren’t played at the first show. A cool thing that happened while they were preparing for another song was that the crowd began singing adelaide even though it wasn’t supposed to be in the set, but they decided to just go with it and started playing it anyway. It started with Nate drumming along to us, and then the whole band joined in for the rest of the song. It was pretty epic.Stephen talked about how the crowd managed to get them to play five encores during one of their first shows here, and at the end, us chanting “six more songs!” managed to get them back on stage to play the haunting (I was so dang teary). They left again, but we chanted “five more songs!” and they came out again and played (*fin). At this point I pretty much lost it and started crying (pretty sure the guy filming the gig caught me as this was happening oh god), but looking around I saw others getting pretty emotional and teary as well. At the end, Deon held up the banner that jess and mel made which a bunch of us had signed, including other fans from the other australian shows. Anyway, this is a massively cheesy post but I’m so thankful for their music, the good times and friends I’ve made because of these guys. Really couldn’t have thought of a better way to send off my favourite band. 

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